The build your presence in fashion industry requires movements within a realm which changes continuously and inevitably yields to a sort of getting same as others. It perhaps needs to move instantaneously from a crow’s awkward walking on the ground to the aesthetic easiness of its gliding in the sky..To forget your own being in the presence of other..To reunite with simplicity and learn how to be respectful for the other while you get dressed into your own ego..Thus,to reflect your own world of meaning into clothing while enhancing your own soul that creates designs out of certain concepts..Hatice Gökçe,as a distinct designer in the world of fashion full of ephemeral nomadic souls,enables men to express themselves via what they wear.

After having been graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts,Gökçe has established the atelier under her own name.She has never given up being experimental.Through her designs,she cultivates a feeling of a esthetic gentleness upon the manners and behavior of modern men who are striving to catch up the city’s rhythm.Gökçe defines her own style as “a search for both a feeling of freedom and virtue in the land of her consciousness under the guidance of its light and experiences gained in its own soil”.Biomorphic-cut grey-black colored suits produced from various natural materials stand out in Gökçe’s desings.The designer loves to play with innovative texture and fabrics throughout the dynamic open-ended creation process of the extensively detailed clothes.

Hatice Gökçe,as a leading designer within the realm of sophisticated men’s wear ,is not only a designer but also the founder and the member of the board of management of the Hatice Gökçe Fashion Designers Foundation.She also servers as a consultant for fashion designing at the major Turkish institutions.”Arg ande” is another social responsibility Project in which Gökçe takes a responsibility as designing and branding coordinator. As a designer who aims at embodying different social-individual facts and objects under her designs,Hatice Gökçe has lots of awards varying from Unique Design to Best Desing recevied from distinct countries.